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Audio Projects

Fact-checker, Reign of Error

I fact-checked a five-part narrative podcast show called 'Reign of Error' - a production of award-winning Wondery Media, Campside Media, and Smartless Media. It tells the story of James Dolan, the billionaire owner of Madison Square Garden, The Beacon Theatre, Radio City Hall, and, amongst many other things, the New York Knicks.


In this investigative show, we tell the villain origin story of Dolan, why he became one of New York's most-hated men, and how his story intersects with family drama, politics, and corruption. 

Reign of Error Podcast by Wondery Media, Smartless Media and Campside Media

Story Editor and Managing Producer, Cerdan Stories

For Season Two of Cerdan Stories, I'm revamping the entire podcast from A to Z.


This includes everything from increasing listenership, and podcast reach, improving the production quality, strategizing and implementing a new editorial narrative arc, and guiding the host, Rona. 

Cerdan Stories is an interview podcast that tells the stories of writers, and those who have writing-adjacent careers, and the complexities of living in exile. 

Cerdan Stories Podcast

Producer, Ted Interview

I contributed to the production of Ted Audio Collective's most famous podcast: The Ted Interview. 

Ted Interview is a chart-topping podcast where host Steven Johnson interviews leading thinkers and creators from around the world.


Notable guests included Russian dissident and grand chess master champion, Garry Kasparov, scientist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and novelist Jennifer Egan. 

Ted Audio Collective's The Ted Interview Podcast

Producer, How to be a Better Human

I was a producer for Ted Audio Collective's How to Be a Better Human podcast - a co-production between PRX and TED. 

How to Be a Better Human's host Chris Duffy interviews interesting people in various fields offering their lessons learned on how YOU can be a better human. 


Inspired by the popular series of the same name on TED’s Ideas blog, How to Be a Better Human has topped many 

Ted Audio Collective's How to be a Better Human Podcast

Producer, Kerning Cultures Network

I was a producer for two podcasts, including narrative podcast Inside Expo, and interview podcast People and Planet. 


Kerning Cultures Network is a podcasting company that tells stories of the Middle East, North Africa and its diaspora. 

Inside Expo is a podcast about the history of world expo's where all of the world's inventions were first revealed to the world. People and Planet is modelled after Ted Radio Hour.

Kerning Culture Network's Podcast
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