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I delved into the world of journalism at a very exciting time. Just two years before Egypt became the spotlight of the world with the 2011 uprising, I had been reporting on worker's movements and social change. I was there in one of the world's most historic moments as Egyptians toppled then President Hosni Mubarak. I knew then and there with full certainty that I had to be a journalist and speak truth to power. 


My reporting has been varied, covering everything from key current events such as the 2011 uprising, the trial of President Hosni Mubarak, the detainment of key activists and worker's sit-ins. I also delved deeper into analysis pieces that explained and contextualized the news. Some of my most notable work was explaining Egypt's new constitutional amendments and how it would impact minority and women's rights. In another investigative article for The Guardian, I received notable praise when I managed to access a leaked and classified report by Egypt's parliament proving that Egypt's police forces deliberately killed over 1500 protesters during the 2011 uprising. 

I also wrote articles that dispelled myths on climate change, geopolitics and natural resource conflicts. One example I'm proud of was writing an extensive analysis piece dispelling myths on the impact that Ethiopia's aspirations to create a hydropower dam would have on Egypt's access to water. 

Where I currently live, in New York City, I now aspire to tell the real human stories of the MENA region and its diaspora community. Far too often, the Middle Eastern and North African community is stereotyped and abused as pawns in foreign policy wars. My goal is to tell the real stories of people's lives and how they are affected by foreign policy. I hope to tell the stories of innovation and resilience that the Arab world has created and shed a different light on this region, away from the stereotypes and misery stories. 

To view some of my work samples, check out my portfolio here.