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I'm Leyla Doss

  • I'm an experienced independent investigative journalist, podcast producer, editor, and fact-checker with international experience.

  • I'm a big-picture thinker who turns complex global issues into beautiful stories across various mediums.

  • If you have a podcast that needs a fact-checker and producer or a documentary, academic paper, book, news outlet, or analysis site that requires a fact-checker, I'm your person! I'll help you craft stories about the human impact of climate change, global current events, politics, foreign policy, and other expert-based issues.

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My Story

I'm an award-winning journalist, podcast producer, fact-checker, and media founder. While I love politics, history, and foreign policy, I'm also a generalist in many ways, and I love covering various topics.

Over a decade ago, I co-founded what is now Egypt's last independent news site. I helped launch what is now an example of investigative reporting from Egypt and the entire Arab world.


From young activists trying to create a utopian city in Tahrir Square to bakers striking over wages, I tell human stories about systemic and global political issues, making them readable, interesting, and engaging. My print reporting work appears in The Guardian, The Financial Times, Mada Masr, Limes, and Verily. It covers Middle Eastern politics, particularly in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and other parts of North Africa. I also investigated the deliberate killing of protesters by police in Egypt in 2012 and covered US and European foreign policy and its detrimental regional impact.


I also produce, and fact-check podcasts, and my work has appeared on Kerning Cultures Network, Ted podcasts, Campside Media, and Wondery. I produced and fact-checked stories that shed light on current political issues, such as Sudan, using the perspective of Sudanese-American author Fatin Abbas, or Latvia's experience with the fall of the Soviet Union, or the state of women's rights movements in Mexico through the perspective of Mexican media entrepreneur and journalist, Luisa Ortiz-Perez. I fact-check across mediums, including podcasts, documentaries, books, and academic papers.

Finally, I'm also an editorial strategist for US-based and global advocacy and non-profit organizations. I have led campaigns advocating for indigenous rights and climate justice, voting rights, and freedom of speech for organizations such as Just Vision (and its partner outlet +972 magazine),, the Nile Project, and For Our Future.

Feel free to reach out if you need a fact-checker, producer, or editorial strategist!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Reach out on my contact page.

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